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The Impact Report is a special segment that features stories from founders about how 614Startups has positively impacted them and their organization.

Written by Michelle Murcia of Book+Street

Sometimes it’s hard to know the impact we’re making in the world.  I wanted to let you know how 614Startups changed mine:

Because of your podcast, an amazing woman with a strong desire to contribute to the start-up community reached out to me to learn more about my pathway to launching Book+Street.  She was looking to make a change from her corporate career trajectory and make a true impact.  She had started to attend local events and in her research, she came across 614Startups and listened to a few podcasts.  One of them was mine!

She reached out to me on LinkedIn to see if I’d be open to meeting.  Fast forward a few months…  Ann Martin joined our team in April as CFO and jumped right into the deep end. 

If not for you and your amazing interview skills, we never would have met.  So, I thank you again for the opportunity to share my story and for the impact that you’re making on the world.

 All the best!


About Elio Harmon

Elio Harmon

Husband, father, and entrepreneur. Chief Coffee Officer @ Entrepreneur’s Brew. Panel moderator. Community Builder and Strategic Director @ National Church Residences.

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