Hot Jobs: MentorcliQ is hiring! (React Native Developer+)

<p class=""><a href="https://www.linkedin.com/careersite/mentorcliq" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong>https://www.linkedin.com/careersite/mentorcliq</strong></a></p><p class="">Rev1Ventures portfolio company MentorcliQ is hiring. Open positions include React Native Developer, Customer Success Coach and more.</p>Read More


Hot Jobs: Help Rapchat empower music creators (Head of Ops+)

<p class="">https://careers.rapchat.me/</p><p class="">Rapchat is the best way for today's rap enthusiasts to create, collaborate, and connect with tomorrow’s stars.</p><p class="">As a mobile app dedicated to helping millions of seasoned and aspiring rappers from around the globe make and share music, Rapchat boasts the largest and most engaged community in the mobile music creation game.</p>Read More


Hot Job: Director of Sales with Soil Connect

<p class="">Heartland Ventures portfolio company Soil Connect is hiring a Director of Sales. Apply now!</p><p class=""><a href="https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2362542255/?refId=8%2FwLXkrvTru7sY5oVKvLWg%3D%3D">https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2362542255/?refId=8%2FwLXkrvTru7sY5oVKvLWg%3D%3D</a></p>Read More

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Investor FOMO

<p class="">Sponsored Post by <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryangfrederick/">Ryan Frederick</a> of <a href="https://www.awh.net">AWH</a></p><p class="">Investors can be elusive and misunderstood by many Founders. There is a great mystery behind how some founders and startups manage to get access to investors and funding from them while others don’t. For many Founders and startups, working the normal process, if there even is one, doesn’t Read More


Financials You Need to Keep Your Startup Going and Growing

<p class="">If you’re not a financial wizard (but you are a business owner) it can be daunting to assess all of your financial statements, keep them up-to-date and truly understand them. As experts in helping our clients manage their finances, we understand the importance of getting these right and establishing the habit of keeping them current, and we help them gain valuable insights about their business from their finances. We want to use this article to look at the three most important financial tools we use, how they’re used and how they can Read More

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S7E4 – Densil Porteous, Pride Fund 1

<p class="">On this episode, Elio interviews Densil Poretous, CEO of Pride Fund 1. Pride Fund 1 invests in early-stage and growth companies led by LGBTQ+ people, as well as companies which uplift that community. Very early in his life, Densil discovered his love for making connections. Starting by working in the admissions office of his alma mater, Kenyon College, he then transitioned to the Bay Area where he did a lot of nonprofit and community service work. Returning to Ohio, Densil felt his involvement in organizations that promote and support LGBTQ and other underrepresented communities was extremely Read More

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S7E3 – Paul Ehlinger, Allos Ventures

<p class="">On this episode, Elio interviews Paul Ehlinger, Principal at Allos Ventures. Allos Ventures invests in industry-transforming businesses and partners with visionary entrepreneurs to help their companies accelerate growth and build value. Paul’s career started as a medical device engineer in Southern California and he ultimately transitioned from the corporate world to the world of venture capital as an Investment Manager at the Kentucky Enterprise Fund where he invested in pre-seed and seed-stage companies. Paul joined Allos Ventures in December 2019 to continue creating opportunities for early-stage companies. Allos recently invested in Columbus-based startup getHEALTH Read More


Cash Flow Forecasting: Why You Need One Now

<p class="">By Michelle Murcia, Founder + CEO <a href="https://www.bookandstreet.com/"><span style="text-decoration:underline">Book+Street</span></a></p><p class="">Cash Flow is the most important way to monitor your ongoing business operations. Because we’re in such uncertain times right now, companies -- startups and small businesses especially -- should focus on the next 30, 60 and 90 days and look at their Cash Flow over that time period, rather than looking much further ahead. So Read More

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<p class="">Columbus, Ohio -- Leadership of Columbus-based Urban Accelerator X today released the schedule for their virtual event, Ohio Small Business Day, set for this Thursday, November 19th, 8:30AM-4:30 PM. The statewide virtual event brings together business leaders from around Ohio, offering a day of education and entertainment for urban businesses, especially women and minority business owners. The day is free to attend; donations will be accepted throughout the day to support programs primarily targeting women and minority businesses.</p>Read More