S5E4 – LoLo Smith, The Urban Accelerator X

On this episode, Elio interviews LoLo Smith, Co-Founder of The Urban Accelerator X and The Black Project. LoLo shares her entrepreneurial journey from starting a successful FOREX trading company to watching it fail due to lack of proper legal protections. Not one to let failure stop her, LoLo’s passion for helping black entrepreneurs succeed drove her to start The Black Project, a brand firm that helps all entrepreneurs but especially black entrepreneurs launch successful brands. Most recently, she and her co-founders launched The Urban Accelerator X, a support organization for urban businesses that provides education, co-working, and resourced for entrepreneurs of color. This episode is full of energy with plenty of laughs. Enjoy.


S5E3 – Cassie Young, Matter News

On this episode, Elio interviews Cassie Young, Co-Founder of Matter News. Matter News Matter is a digital news source from Grey Matter Media, an investigative, nonprofit news organization based in Columbus, Ohio. Elio and Cassie discuss Matter News’ in-depth coverage of affordable housing in Columbus, how development is currently being incentivized by the city, and the future of long-form investigative journalism. Enjoy!


S4E7 – Cory Bailey, SecurSpace

On this episode, Elio interviews Cory Bailey, Co-Founder of SecurSpace. SecurSpace is an online marketplace that connects companies looking for parking and storage options to those with excess capacity. Cory shares his story of how we went from politics to business and why SecurSpace is poised to be a leader in the parking and storage industry while becoming a trucker’s best friend.


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