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We are an Urban Entrepreneur Support Organization & we help urban businesses while educating the CULTURE.

Urban Accelerator X, better known as The U, officially opened its doors September of 2019 in the heart of central Ohio. The Urban Entrepreneur Support Organization and Center was a concept that was created to fill the gap of access for many black entrepreneurs to education, resources and funding that will positively impact their businesses.

The U has many special characteristics, one being that it is operated by local black entrepreneurs who understand the current environment in Columbus and can relate to the everyday issues businesses face. It also provides a platform for undesirable, non-traditionally funded, lifestyle and service based businesses to get access to resources they would normally not qualify for. These include your corner stores, small restaurants, studios, salons and barbershops and the list goes on. The U was created to be a safe space for black entrepreneurs to go and ask the questions they are too afraid to ask in other settings. It serves to meet individuals where they are in their business as well as provide the needed support to elevate them into being vital contributors to our black economy.

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818 N Rose Ave , Columbus, OH 43219


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