Columbus Tech Community Creates Initiative to Help Neighbors and Struggling Businesses Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

Over the past few days, Columbus has seen events canceled and restaurants, schools, and universities closed. Businesses have begun to suffer, workers are adjusting to doing their jobs remotely, and students have been asked to leave their schools. Countless unprecedented problems are slowly being exposed as social distancing and quarantine have the potential to negatively impact small businesses, restaurants, and nonprofits.


10 Movers + Shakers in Columbus

10 Movers + Shakers in Columbus By Book+Street

If you’re as clued into the world of startups and entrepreneurs as we are, you know there’s a lot happening in the Columbus market right now. We love connecting with entrepreneurs and founders through our podcast series, but we thought: Why not write about some movers and shakers we’ve noticed in Columbus? Some we’ve met, some we haven’t… yet. So check it out, here are 10 Movers and Shakers in the Columbus Startup Scene right now.


Helm Launches Project Sharing Platform to Revolutionize Tech Hiring

Helm today has announced the launch of its new project-sharing platform, aiming to improve talent sourcing and make hiring in the tech industry more informed. The launch of the developer-focused platform is Helm’s first public entry onto the market after initial pilot testing with six Columbus companies and organizations. The Helm platform defines commitment to a future of better team building to solve bigger problems.


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