Nationwide Doubles Down Expanding Investment Fund to $350M

Nationwide is expanding its investment fund that targets high-growth startups products, services, and technology that can benefit Nationwide customers. Nationwide’s original $100 million fund drew interest from startups looking to partner with Nationwide not only for capital but access to customers, expertise, and its Fortune 100 brand recognition.


S6E4 – Calvin Cooper, Rhove

On this episode, Elio interviews Calvin Cooper, Co-Founder and CEO of Rhove. With Rhove, renters gain the opportunity to become a stakeholder, and earn a return from where they live. Calvin started his entrepreneurial journey working with the Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council helping grow and foster relationships between minority business enterprises, corporations, and government entities. He then moved on to become a Director and then a Venture Partner at the venerable Columbus, Ohio based venture firm NCT Ventures. Calvin launched Rhove to tackle the problem of plummeting millennial and later generation share of homeownership by giving renters the opportunity to become owners where they live. Enjoy!


S5E8 – Rodney Williams, SoLo Funds

On this episode, Elio interviews Rodney Williams, Co-Founder of SoLo Funds. SoLo Funds connects lenders and borrowers for affordable access to loans under $1000. Seeking to revolutionize the peer-to-peer lending space while addressing the needs of the unbanked or underbanked, SoLo Funds facilitated $5 million in loans in 2019 and are projected to hit $12 million in 2020. Out of stealth and scaling, Rodney and SoLo Funds are stepping on the gas and provide a safety valve for the pressure Americans are feeling as we deal with the economic disruption caused by COVID-19. Enjoy. 


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