S6E9 – Sheri Chaney Jones, SureImpact

On this episode, Elio interviews Sheri Chaney Jones, President and CEO of SureImpact. SureImpact is a user-friendly case management platform that thinks like a collective impact outcomes generator. Sheri has a background in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and in 2010 she channeled her passion for doing good into starting Management Resources Company, which helped government and nonprofits measure and communicate their impact and value. This ultimately led to the development of SureImpact, which has a more social focus, allowing the social sector to be able to track, manage, measure and communicate their unique social impact. The company’s aim is to work with high performing visionary leaders who want to prove their impact, while also driving social change to improve the community at large.


S4E9 – Yasmeen Quadri, ServUs

On this episode, Elio interviews Yasmeen Quadri, Founder of ServUs, live during Techstars Startup Weekend Columbus 2019. ServUs is a mobile app that connects students and employees to philanthropic opportunities. Yasmeen’s passion for volunteering comes from her upbringing as a Muslim, where charity is one of the five tenets. As a freshman, she attended Techstars Startup Weekend Columbus 2018 and her idea for an app to help make volunteering easy, won third place.


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