S6E10 – Matt Wyckhouse, Finite State

On this episode, Elio interviews Matt Wyckhouse, Founder and CEO of Finite State. Finite State’s platform detects IoT threats to networks to proactively mitigate risk. Matt takes us through his years at Battelle, coming straight out of Ohio State, where he started in software development, and then eventually helped to lead the company’s expansion into the cybersecurity space. He reveals what he discovered working with Battelle that emphasized his entrepreneurial itch and prompted him to found Finite State. The conversation evolves from “What is national security really?”, to taking on a giant multinational company, to “Is 5G out to get us?” Listen as Matt details the interesting world of cybersecurity.


S6E8 – Constance Borro, Mastery Portfolio

Mastery portfolio is a collection of web-based tools designed to improve education practices. This digital grade book is easy to maintain and was built by teachers, for teachers. Their philosophy emphasizes the unfairness of traditional grading and posits that it leads to demotivated teachers, students and parents alike. Mastery Portfolio totes a standards-based grading model that facilitates better communication and understanding between teachers and students about expectations. It involves learning each student’s unique proficiency profile and deciphering each individual’s path to mastery. Constance is passionate about serving underprivileged and underrepresented students, and recounts her time at Yale University interacting with unsupported students. This served as the catalyst to her then going on to teach almost 11 years in New York high need public schools ultimately ending at Columbus School for Girls which is the birth place of Mastery Portfolio.


S6E5 – Ryan Frederick, AWH

On this episode, Elio interviews Ryan Frederick, Founder of AWH. AWH is a software development firm that helps companies build innovative and disruptive products for the web, mobile, and IoT. Ryan discusses his new book The Founder’s Manual and the lessons learned building his company and helping entrepreneurs build theirs. Ryan is an active angel investor, mentors, and advises entrepreneurs and startups, as well as corporate innovation leaders.


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