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S6E7 – Mike Holt, Nodis

<p class="">On this episode, Elio interviews Mike Holt, Advisor and Investor in Nodis. Nodis TruTint uses color coated nanoparticles that act as small light shutters that are oriented when voltage is applied, transforming windows by giving people the ability to change the tint, color, and temperature characteristics of windows instantly. Mike discusses why Nodis decided to relocate their operations to Columbus, why buildings are the nonobvious frontier for fighting climate change, and how nanotechnology and Nodis' unique process gives glass manufacturers the flexibility to meet their customers' needs.</p>Read More


S6E6 – Jonathan Poma, Loop

On this episode, Elio interviews Jonathan Poma, Founder & CEO of Loop. Loop allows Shopify brands to automate the entire return process, even exchanges. Loop improves retention by encouraging your […]Read More


Inside the Startup Bubble

<p class="">Sponsored by <a href="https://awh.net">AWH</a></p><p class="">Written by <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryangfrederick/">Ryan Frederick</a></p><p class="">We’re experiencing a lot of bubbles right now as part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many professional sports leagues have restarted in bubbles to protect the safety of the players, staff, and officials. Many of us are living in our own bubbles Read More

Human Resources Inclusion

Decoding Diversity & Inclusion: No Guilt or Anger Required

<p class="">Diversity and inclusion. There I said it. Now there may be many visceral reactions to that three word phrase but I am going to do the most mainstream media thing to do. I am going to put you neatly into two camps. The black founder of a startup company has met his quota and here comes the white male guilt or whew, finally, I thought he sold out while promptly encasing my black card in gold.</p>Read More


S5E6 – Alex Davessar, Outern

<p class="">On this episode, Elio interviews Alex Davessar, Co-Founder of Outern. Outern is a platform that connects companies and college talent, allowing those companies to remotely offload real work to students. Alex shares his journey as a student-founder, starting a marketing agency, Beacon Brand Identity and then pivoting to Outern. Listen and then share this with a student or young entrepreneur in your life. Enjoy!</p>Read More

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Do Midwest Startup Cultures Need More Urgency?

<p class="">That’s what I want to focus on today. Now there are many things the region needs to do to reach the next level. We need more capital, more engineering talent, etc. These things are all improving progressively. We have more capital than ever before. Historically coastal investors are beginning to realize the potential of this region and place capital accordingly. Things have never been better for startups in cities like Columbus, <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2020/01/09/hillbilly-elegy-author-j-d-vance-has-raised-93-million-for-his-own-midwestern-venture-fund/">Cincinnati</a>, Pittsburgh, and Chicago. If we keep executing, Read More

Entrepreneurship Venture Capital

NODIS Smart Glass Moves to Columbus, Ohio

<p class=""><strong>Columbus, Ohio, March 2, 2020 </strong>-<a href="http://www.gridcomm-plc.com/"> NODIS</a>, provider of the technology to transform glass into electrically switchable smart glass and displays, announced today that it has established operations in Columbus, Ohio as it begins production of its TruTintTM smart glass technology. TruTint transforms windows, giving people the ability to change the tint, color and temperature characteristics of windows instantly.</p>Read More


10 Movers + Shakers in Columbus

<p class=""><strong>10 Movers + Shakers in Columbus </strong>By <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/book-street/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Book+Street</a></p><p class="">If you’re as clued into the world of startups and entrepreneurs as we are, you know there’s a lot happening in the Columbus market right now. We love connecting with entrepreneurs and founders through our podcast series, but we thought: Why not write about some movers and Read More


S4E9 – Yasmeen Quadri, ServUs

<p class="">On this episode, Elio interviews Yasmeen Quadri, Founder of ServUs, live during Techstars Startup Weekend Columbus 2019. ServUs is a mobile app that connects students and employees to philanthropic opportunities. Yasmeen's passion for volunteering comes from her upbringing as a Muslim, where charity is one of the five tenets. As a freshman, she attended Techstars Startup Weekend Columbus 2018 and her idea for an app to help make volunteering easy, won third place.</p>Read More