Predicting Behavior with Beni Gradwohl, Cognovi Labs

On this episode, Elio interviews Beni Gradwohl, Co-Founder of Cognovi Labs, a predictive analytics company that “quantifies how people feel, and what they will do next”. Beni started his career in the corporate world including as EVP of Citibank helping


Turning Problems Into Companies with Jay Harkrider, Foxen

On this episode, Elio interviews Jay Harkrider, Managing Partner at Foxen. Foxen provides innovative insurance solutions and financial services to property owners, property managers, and residents. Foxen was launched to solve the problem of rental insurance compliance by automating the


GiveBackHack Columbus: Bring Socially-Impact Ideas into Reality

GiveBackHack is your launchpad for social innovation. GiveBackHack Columbus brings together passionate community members to develop sustainable, technology-based solutions to some of our most pressing social issues. We bring together attendees from various backgrounds (designers, developers, students, entrepreneurial folks, engaged

Startup Finance

Rules for Startups Raising Capital in the Midwest

Tom Walker, Rev1 Ventures President and CEO Note: “Rules for Startups Raising Capital in the Midwest” is a multi-part Entrepreneur Toolkit series based on Rev1 Ventures Capital Access Learning Lab. We suggest you review all sections: Part 1 – Basic Information on


How Technical Do You Have to Be to Start a Tech Company?

Sponsored Post by AWH

Written by Lucas La Tour

When we first start a company, there are many unanswered questions. It’s easy to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you aren’t fit to be a founder. You may look at your skills or technical expertise and think, “How it is possible for someone like me to create the type of thing that I have in my mind, especially when it requires a certain skill set that I don’t have?” This raises a number of questions including: How technical do you have to be to start a tech company?


Lessons from History for Midwest Tech Startups and Investors

Brief History of Venture Capital and Tech in the Midwest

While the Midwest is not without history in the world of tech startups and venture capital, that history is quite limited. Our most relevant history traces back to Dayton, Ohio. At one point, Dayton was a central place for innovation in the US.


Startups On The Move: Skuld Awarded Grant to Make Cars Lighter

The idea that you can make cars lighter with old fashioned iron castings, seems difficult to believe. That is the claim from Columbus startup Skuld LLC. They have recently received a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) to prove this is possible. The DOE grant will be used to validate their claim of going to 0.060” thick ductile iron without negatively impacting properties.


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