Breakthrough to the Next Level with Travis Smith, Tribevest

On this episode, Elio interviews Travis Smith, Founder and CEO of Tribevest. Tribevest makes it easy to invest with your friends, family, and other like-minded individuals. The company has coined the term tribevesting which is the process by which friends


Remote Vueing with Mike Popadak, iVueit

On this episode, Elio interviews Mike Popadak, CEO of iVueit. iVueit provides facility managers with on-demand visual validation and compliance verification on the properties they manage nationwide. iVueit accomplishes this by leveraging Vuers who earn extra cash by completing interior/exterior


Reducing Friction in Global Commerce with Sahil Shah, MESH

On this episode, Elio interviews Sahil Shah, Co-Founder of MESH. MESH is a cloud-based SaaS platform designed for manufacturers to streamline their sourcing and quality processes into one centralized, easy-to-use online platform. As complex and integrated as the global supply


Getting to the Bag with Gloria Ware, Get The Bag, LLC

On this episode, Elio interviews Gloria Ware, Founder and Chief Rainmaker of Get The Bag, LLC. Get The Bag is focused on helping black female entrepreneurs access capital and build the networks they need to start and scale successful businesses.


Predicting Behavior with Beni Gradwohl, Cognovi Labs

On this episode, Elio interviews Beni Gradwohl, Co-Founder of Cognovi Labs, a predictive analytics company that “quantifies how people feel, and what they will do next”. Beni started his career in the corporate world including as EVP of Citibank helping


Portrait of an Entrepreneur with Jay Clouse, upside.fm

Elio interviews Jay Clouse, serial entrepreneur, Founder and or Co-Founder of upside.fm, Freelancing School, Unreal Collective, and Creative Elements. In addition, he is a course creator on LinkedIn Learning and the producer of the groundbreaking feature-length film Test City, USA.


Cash Rules: A Conversation with a CRO

On this episode, Elio interviews Ed Porter, Chief Revenue Officer of Blue Chip CRO and Co-Founder of HCRpath. Blue Chip CRO helps founders and executives align their revenue organization to accelerate growth through your buyer’s journey. By aligning marketing activities


Hot Seat: Fighting cyber threats and ransomware

On this special mini-episode, Elio interviews Jason Cook, Director, Sales Engineering for Rubrik. Based in Palo Alto, California, Rubrik is the market leader in cloud data management, helping companies protect their data and applications from ransomware, natural disasters, and operational


The State of Venture in Ohio: 2021 (LIVESTREAM)

Please register by 10 pm on Thu Oct 21.At 11 pm, we’ll email you a Zoom link to access LIVESTREAM the next day. This is Lindsay Karas Stencel’s annual talk on “The State of Venture in Ohio.” As in past years, Lindsay


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