Startups On The Move: Four Ohio Companies Enter Rev1 Investor Startup Studio


by Alicia Oddi

Several new startups have entered the Rev1 investor startup studio, further expanding our region’s pipeline of promising startups. These startups are developing solutions that include a healthcare solution addressing heart health, to a company that helps create micro-scholarships, a social media network that connects gamers with professional opportunities, and a company that provides wireless lighting solutions to construction sites.

Meet the companies:

A Cubed Healthcare Technologies: A Cubed Healthcare Technologies Inc., a spinout of The Ohio State University is a female/disability-founded healthcare software firm commercializing multiple evidence-based heart health platforms into a single solution. A3 addresses the epidemic (and leading cause of death) of cardiovascular disease in breast cancer survivors. https://www.linkedin.com/company/a-cubed-inc/about/ 

College Cash: By connecting two existing business practices—brands’ expanding demand for user-generated content and photographs from the smart phones that are in the hands of virtually everyone—College Cash has created a platform that allows brands to pay for content with deposits in education accounts in students’ names, generating micro-scholarships for thousands of students. http://www.yourcollegecash.com/

eFuse: A professional social media network that connects gamers and esports constituents with career opportunities and tools, eFuse aggregates esport news, video content, gaming, stats, and professional opportunities—scholarships, internships, and jobs—in one, easy and familiar web-application. https://efuse.io/

MFlux Lighting: For construction site managers, contractors, and electricians, job-site lighting is a challenge. MFlux Lighting provides an out-of-the-box solution of portable, cordless, lithium ion battery construction-site lighting. The system is wirelessly controlled and connected with motion sensing, cameras, and remote dimmers. http://mfluxlighting.com/

Rev1’s startup studio connects startups like these to the resources they need to build high-growth companies. From Rev1 Learning Labs to mentors and advisors to connections to diverse talent and sources of capital, we are there to help.

Interested in learning more about how we help startups succeed? Contact us.


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