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    Columbus Startup Helps Prevent Burnout Through Mindful Reflection

    New tech, launching in October, helps employees and leaders understand their energy in hybrid workplaces.

    Columbus–Helm, a Columbus startup, is helping companies rethink the labor shortage from the inside out – by emphasizing mindfulness. Their novel approach helps leaders stem burnout while improving productivity up to 22.8% with a moment of daily guided reflection (Di Stefano etc: The Role of Reflection in Individual Learning. 

    With a goal to increase retention through more sustainable hybrid work, Helm’s slack-based product derives a holistic understanding of personal energy from both work and non-work factors. 

    Leaders use this energy data to develop a better employee experience while proactively recognizing the risk for burnout and turnover. Workers use the data to improve their own productivity and maintain mental well-being. 

    “Helm gives employees the power to understand their energy through reflection – at scale it gives organizations unparalleled insights to build sustainable hybrid workplaces,” says Tommy Hillyer, CEO of Helm. “ It’s never been more important, and that’s why we’re launching now.” 

    Backed By Active Usage, Research and Development 

    After months of iteration with ten Columbus businesses, Helm is launching the public version of their product. It has changed dramatically based on user feedback and research with Helm’s board. Advisors include Jeff Schumann, CEO of Aware, a workplace technology business that recently raised a $60 million Series C from Goldman Sachs. 

    During the pandemic, Helm led research with organizational psychologists like Susan Walker-Morgan, another advisor. They developed a model that promotes psychological safety by understanding people holistically – and giving them a voice. 

    “When I reflect, I’m actually more mindful of what’s causing my energy to change,” says Melanie Muscolo, Project Manager at Buckeye Interactive, one of Helm’s beta workforces. “It helps people be more understanding, and it helps us know who to reach out to.” 

    Helm’s team met at The Ohio State University, and three are currently enrolled as undergraduate students. Last year, the team helped kick-start the Can’t Stop Columbus volunteer movement. 

    An Uncertain Future of Work 

    Remote and hybrid work have blurred the line between work and life, exacerbating widespread burnout. Helm helps employees set healthy boundaries through beginning and end-of-day reflection, promoting mindfulness and mental well-being. 

    “Energy is this funny, intangible thing,” says Kai McKinney, co-founder and Marketing Officer of Helm. “We can all feel when the energy’s right – or when it’s off – but it’s difficult to understand why, especially when we’re not in person. Helm helps you understand energy and what’s contributing to it.” 

    Launching in October, Helm will be available as an extended free trial to the first 100 sign-ups. To sign up for a free trial, and to find more information regarding Helm, please visit https://joinhelm.com/.