Making Moves: What Comes After Your Best Job Ever?

Join us virtually on Tuesday, December 7th from 12 PM – 1 PM ET for a fireside chat with Will Post and Macy Tanking.

Will Post and Macy Tanking made the decision to depart from jobs they loved at Facebook in the midst of the pandemic, taking a bold step to pivot their careers. In this fireside chat, we’ll chat about . . .

  • Their Facebook journey + career pivot
  • How to tackle the challenges of the virtual job hunt
  • The impact of remote work + the actions people leaders need to take to support their team

Will Post brings much of his personal experience to the conversation. Following his departure from Facebook, he endured the most challenging job hunt of his career, but his resilience enabled him to make a pivot to pursue something new. He is now adapting as a leader of a hybrid team and is eager to share his insight.

Macy Tanking spent years at Facebook as a corporate coach, working with people leaders and individual contributors to build strong working environments. She co-led the development of the COVID resilience response toolkit and will share her insight on how we can best leverage and adapt to a world of increased remote work.

This event is 100% free. Just RSVP and we’ll send you the link to the virtual chat. “See” you there! 


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Elio Harmon

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