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    Startups On The Move: ScriptDrop Partners with BestRx

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    ScriptDrop Partners with BestRx to Provide Seamless Solution for Same-Day, On-Demand, and Shipping Deliveries

    Implementation will provide pharmacies and patients with a convenient and secure method for prescription delivery.

    Columbus, OH — ScriptDrop Inc. and BestRx™ today announced a partnership that will provide participating pharmacies the ability to immediately offer on-demand, same-day, and shipping solutions for prescriptions, directly within their BestRx pharmacy system integration.


    BestRx users now have the following capabilities:

    • Electronically request same-day, on-demand, and shipping deliveries

    • Receive delivery status updates, directly in their pharmacy system

    • Direct connection to a trusted nationwide courier network

    • Easy‐to‐use functionality that can help decrease medication abandonment and increase

    pharmacy bottom line

    “ScriptDrop’s API library made integration incredibly easy and allows us the flexibility to provide a great user experience for our clients,” said Hemal Desai, CEO of BestRx. “Our job at BestRx is to provide as many tools as we can to help clients better serve their patients while increasing their bottom line, and ScriptDrop’s delivery service is one of the tools that makes this possible.”


    ScriptDrop offers an affordable delivery service that allows pharmacists to stay within their own workflow. Offering delivery is one of the key ways independent pharmacies can stand out amongst their competition, with data showing a 6 to 8% increase in revenue upon offering delivery services, and a 14% reduction in delivery bills after switching to ScriptDrop.


    “Our partnership with BestRx removes the barrier of entry for prescription delivery and provides pharmacies the ability to seamlessly submit on-demand, same-day or shipping requests through a single integrated solution,” said Daniel Dalton, Manager of Pharmacy Solutions at ScriptDrop. “We’re excited to work with BestRx to provide patients with a convenient and secure method to receive their needed medications.”

    About ScriptDrop, Inc.

    ScriptDrop’s team of healthcare experts have revolutionized prescription delivery by seamlessly connecting pharmacies to a nationwide network of trained, professional couriers. Established in 2017, ScriptDrop partners with pharmacies, health systems and couriers to ensure patients get their needed medication as safely and efficiently as possible. With delivery options across all 50 states, ScriptDrop is the first medication delivery program that integrates directly into the pharmacists’ workflow in an effort to reduce medication abandonment and improve patient outcomes. ScriptDrop is based in Columbus, Ohio with a mission to help one billion patients, one prescription at a time.

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    About BestRx™


    BestRx is a leader in innovative software solutions that help independent, community pharmacies succeed. For two generations, BestRx has studied the unique needs of independent pharmacies to create tools that benefit pharmacy owners, patients, and communities. BestRx’s software supports billing, automation and compliance to help pharmacies succeed — for the health of patients and the development of the community. For more information visit


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