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    Accelerating Angels Announces First Round of Investment Funding for Women-owned Businesses

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – Feb. 15, 2024 – Accelerating Angels, an angel investment fund and network founded by women to give women-owned startup companies the capital they need to scale their businesses, has selected two companies as recipients of their first-ever round of funding. Accelerating Angels is pleased to announce that Fund I will make its first two investments in SureImpact, a technology-based solution to help non-profit leaders measure and increase their social impact, and Groupize, a total meeting and event management solution, chosen from among more than 267 companies that have applied for capital investment in exchange for equity.

    “Accelerating Angels was founded – by women – because we recognize that there is not enough funding for women-owned companies,” said Cindi Englefield, Accelerating Angels’ co-founder and chief Investor relationship officer. “The two companies we have selected fit our criteria perfectly. We invest in early-stage, high-growth, and exceptionally run female businesses with technology products or services that solve a problem. Our core focus is to be a catalyst for success for both investors and founders. We believe we can make an impact on the world, support female startups, and enjoy a return on our investment. To us, that is what success looks like.”

    Accelerating Angels employs a streamlined process from initial screening through due diligence, utilizing the expertise of its Board of Advisors, Investors, and connections within the community. This selection protocol is comprehensive and ensures that sound investment decisions are made. Once recipients are chosen, Accelerating Angels maintains a close relationship with the selected companies, providing support and advice through a collaborative partnership, and serving as a vital part of the team until an exit strategy is implemented.

    Sheri Chaney Jones recognized the critical need for an impact measurement solution that helps organizations understand and communicate their social impact. She founded SureImpact and partnered with twelve non-profit organizations to help design and pilot the unique technology that combines case management, impact measurement, and reporting to enhance an organization’s delivery of mission-critical services. This protocol also helps an organization engage its communities, attract new sources of funding, and increase trust with existing contributors.


    “I’m grateful to have investors who care as much about social impact as they do about profits,” said Chaney Jones.  “As a social-good tech founder, I want to work with investors who share my vision of solving big problems for our community. Accelerating Angels is the perfect partner for us. They offer not only capital, but also expertise and connections that will help us grow and make a difference. And they will also benefit from our success, which I know they will reinvest in more social-good causes.”

    Founder and CEO of Groupize, Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien, set out to offer the solution of choice for modern meetings management. The result was an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform designed for groups, meetings, and events of any size, uniting travel, spend, and compliance while delivering an amazing experience for planners and attendees. It eliminates the complexity of legacy meeting solutions, empowering users to organize their own meetings and events.

    “Groupize is honored to become a portfolio company of Accelerating Angels. Their commitment to female founders, accelerating growth, and the expertise they bring to founders make Accelerating Angels a valuable partner for Groupize, “ de Gaspe Beaubien said.  “I am personally and professionally inspired, particularly as we grow our footprint in Ohio and beyond.”

    “We see a great future for both these companies and see their high growth potential and continued success as they move toward an acquisition and become prosperous in an exit,” Englefield noted. “We also see our investment in SureImpact and Groupize as providing an excellent return for our investors.”

    Accelerating Angels continues to evaluate incoming applications from interested female-owned companies and will close the fund from further investments later this year. On Feb. 29, the investment firm will host a virtual Angel Investing 101. It will focus on educational and virtual networking for new investors looking to learn about angel investing.

    To learn more about the Feb. 29 event, and to find information on applying for funding or becoming an investor, go to Accelerating Angels – Angel Investments, Funds for Women Businesses for more information.

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    Accelerating Angels delivers exceptional investor returns and accelerates gender equity through investments in exceptional, high-growth, women-owned businesses. Founded in 2022 by women to give women business owners the hard-to-access capital they need to scale their businesses, with a focus on early-stage businesses with technology products or services that solve a big problem.

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