Cleveland,Ohio Startup Podcast – Latest Episodes & Insights

Cleveland, Ohio Startup Podcast: Exploring the Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Tune in to the Cleveland Startup Podcast for the latest episodes and valuable insights into the Ohio startup scene. Learn from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.

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Welcome to the Cleveland Startup Podcast, your gateway to the dynamic and thriving startup ecosystem in Ohio. Here, we bring you the latest episodes and invaluable insights, guiding you through the exciting world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Why Cleveland, Ohio?

Cleveland, Ohio, is rapidly becoming a hub for startups and entrepreneurial ventures. With its affordable living costs, supportive community, and access to top-notch resources, the city has laid a solid foundation for startups to flourish. The city’s rich industrial history and growing tech scene create a unique blend of tradition and innovation, making it an ideal breeding ground for new ideas.

Unveiling the Podcast

Our podcast is designed with one goal in mind – to inspire and empower aspiring entrepreneurs like you. We believe that every startup journey is unique, and there’s so much to learn from the experiences of others. Each episode of the Cleveland Startup Podcast features candid conversations with successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors who have made a mark in their respective fields.

What to Expect?

  1. Insightful Interviews: Gain valuable insights as we sit down with prominent figures in the startup community. Listen to their stories, learn from their triumphs and challenges, and discover the secrets behind their success.

  2. Emerging Trends: Stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the startup landscape. We keep a close eye on the developments in the Ohio startup scene and beyond, sharing them with you to keep your entrepreneurial spirit informed.

  3. Practical Tips: Building a startup is no easy task, but we’re here to make it more manageable. Our podcast offers practical tips and advice on various aspects of entrepreneurship, from funding and marketing to team building and scaling.

  4. Community Spotlights: We love showcasing the vibrant entrepreneurial community in Cleveland. Listen to inspiring stories of local startups making waves in their industries and contributing to the city’s growth.

Why Listen to Us?

The Cleveland Startup Podcast is more than just a collection of success stories. It’s a resource that connects you to a supportive community, a platform that ignites your passion for innovation, and a guide that helps you navigate the complexities of launching and running a startup.

How Can You Get Involved?

  1. Tune In: Subscribe to our podcast on your favorite streaming platforms, and never miss an episode filled with knowledge and inspiration.

  2. Share Your Story: Are you a local entrepreneur with a story worth sharing? We’d love to hear from you and feature your journey on our podcast.

  3. Connect with Us: Join our social media channels and interact with fellow listeners, guests, and the hosts. It’s a space for networking, collaboration, and support.

Elio Harmon

Investing in Companies that Change Lives with Molly Bonakdarpour, Drive Capital

Drive Capital is a venture capital firm that partners with founders who are solving critical problems in massive markets. With Drive Capital, companies gain more than just capital, they gain coveted access to Drive’s well-documented and highly respected prowess in venture. Drive proactively seeks out founders and companies where there is founder-investor-problem-product and market fit. With a background in health care, Molly Bonakdarpour leads Drive’s health care investment strategy. Molly uses her passion for making the greatest positive impact in people’s lives and channels it into finding companies that align with Drive Capital’s investment thesis.

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Elio Harmon

So Persistent They Can’t Ignore You with Paul Ehlinger, Gifthealth & Sixty8 Capital

On this episode, Elio interviews Paul Ehlinger, Principal at Allos Ventures. Allos Ventures invests in industry-transforming businesses and partners with visionary entrepreneurs to help their companies accelerate growth and build value. Paul’s career started as a medical device engineer in Southern California and he ultimately transitioned from the corporate world to the world of venture capital as an Investment Manager at the Kentucky Enterprise Fund where he invested in pre-seed and seed-stage companies. Paul joined Allos Ventures in December 2019 to continue creating opportunities for early-stage companies. Allos recently invested in Columbus-based startup getHEALTH led by Nick Potts.

Paul is also the Managing Partner at Sixty8 Capital, a venture fund for black, brown, women and LBGTQ+ led startups.

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