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    The Aspiring Entrepreneur vs The Achieving Entrepreneur

    by Travis Smith, Founder of TribeVest

    What is the single biggest obstacle to your goals, dreams and aspirations? You may think it is money, knowledge, skills, connections, age, race or gender. But in reality, the biggest single barrier to achieving your dream is the belief that any of these things can actually hinder you. In other words, your number one obstacle is the belief that something is an obstacle. Something becomes an obstacle when you assign it that position.

    Why Obstacles Exist

    Why do we believe that anything is an obstacle? Because we over-think our goals. When you view that dream, the difficulty of achieving it is multiplied by your imagination. Your mind takes all the future effort that you will invest in the hours, days and years ahead and compresses it as one experience. As a result, your mind does not see the goals as little steps but as a giant mountain. You calculate the total energy, time and money required to succeed and after comparing it with what you have at the moment, you conclude that you do not have what it takes.

    But life never expects us to have champion-level skills before we can enroll for success, it only asks us to keep moving. Babies understand this; they do not have to be as big as mum or dad to walk, run and jump. They start where they are; learning to first sit up, then they crawl and finally they can balance on their two feet and stand. They act in every stage of life with the abilities that they possess in that phase. No one ever attempted to swallow a mountain without choking on it.

    It Is Within Reach Only If You…

    When entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by a goal, they start believing that they need to be extraordinary to achieve it. This is why we like to think that successful people possess extra-human qualities or knowledge. But the only advantage most successful people have over you is that they made the effort. As Mark Twain said “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Whatever you lack in the moment will be given to you in the course of pursuing the goal. You are never required to start perfect.

    When parents reach down to pick up a child, the willing child also reaches up to be picked up. In the same way, life demands that you meet it halfway with decisive actions, in order to receive what it has in stock for you. If you wait to get all you need to succeed, you already have all you need to fail. The things you need to succeed are waiting for you on the imperfect road. When you take imperfect steps to the dream, providence responds with the missing pieces you need to get the perfect results. But before you can end up complete, you must start out imperfect.

    These lesson ultimately led to forming of TribeVest.   For aspiring entrepreneurs that are looking to take initials steps toward ownership in a Real Estate Empire or funding a Local Business, TribeVest helps you conceptualize your goals in tangible terms and formulate concrete action steps to reach them within a definite timeframe.  

     But most entrepreneurs’ aspirations are less proven and structured than a path toward a real estate business. Therefor you will need to take those imperfect actions on your own (with support of your community) to become an achieving entrepreneur.  

    For more info about TribeVest sign up for the waitlist and Early Access Program.