Saturday, July 20, 2024
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    Orthobesity with Brock Leonti, Prescribe FIT

    Welcome to another exciting episode of the 614Startups Podcast with your host, Elio Harmon! In this episode, Elio sits down with Brock Leonti, the innovative Founder of Prescribe FIT, a full-service remote monitoring and lifestyle health coaching solution tailored for orthopedic practices and their patients.

    Brock takes us through his inspiring entrepreneurial journey, from founding a home health agency and an STNA education center to spearheading one of the fastest-growing health tech companies in Columbus, Ohio.

    \Dive into the critical issue of orthobesity, a pandemic affecting orthopedic health, and discover how Prescribe FIT is revolutionizing patient care by empowering orthopedic practices to enhance health outcomes and surgical success.

    Brock also opens up about his experience raising a remarkable $4.8 million Series A round led by Refinery Ventures, offering invaluable tips and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Don’t miss this insightful conversation! Remember to like, subscribe, and share the 614Startups Podcast to stay updated on the latest in the startup ecosystem.

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