Friday, May 24, 2024
81.9 F

    The Future of Automotive Care with Andrew Hulse, Vohnt

    People today are busier than ever. Companies are scrambling to find ways to bring their services to us instead of us going to them. The list is long. From dinner to groceries, everything is at our fingertips. Vohnt, a Columbus, Ohio-based, automotive care company is bringing automotive maintenance and detailing to you. Well not exactly. It feels that way since Vohnt picks up your vehicle, performs the service, and then drops it back off to you. Check out our interview with Andrew Hulse, Co-Founder of Vohnt as he shares Vohnt’s story and strategy as another B2C company launches in Test City, U.S.A. Listen, Subscribe, Share and Follow. Website: Instagram: @614startups Facebook: 614startups Twitter: @614startups LinkedIn:

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