Friday, May 24, 2024
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    Treating Cancer with Naturally Occurring Botanicals featuring Dr. Zeenia Kaul

     🌟 Dive into the groundbreaking world of Columbus startups with our latest 614Startups Podcast episode! 🚀 Join Elio as he sits down with Dr. Zeenia Kaul, the visionary Co-Founder of Reheva Biosciences, a dynamic biosciences startup shaking up the healthtech scene in Columbus, Ohio. 🌿💡

    Discover how Reheva Biosciences pioneers naturally occurring complex botanicals to revolutionize cancer treatment and enhance patient lives. Dr. Kaul’s journey, inspired by her parents’ legacy as cancer researchers, unveils a mission to offer 100% natural drugs at affordable prices, with fewer side effects compared to conventional therapies. 🧬💊

    With Phase 1 clinical trials wrapped up in late 2023 and $7 million in funding secured, Reheva is poised to make waves in the biosciences landscape. 📈

    Ready to explore the future of cancer treatment? Tune in now for insights on cancer fundamentals, current therapies, and how Reheva plans to disrupt the status quo. Don’t miss out—subscribe on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify to catch every exciting episode as it drops! 🔔✨ #ColumbusStartups #BioscienceInnovation #HealthTech #VentureFunded

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