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    What Happened To Olive? Featuring Carrie Ghose, Columbus Business First–Featuring-Carrie-Ghose–Columbus-Business-First-e2f8a7e

    What Happened To Olive? Featuring Carrie Ghose, Columbus Business First

    Welcome to another insightful episode of the 614Startups podcast! In this episode, we sit down with Carrie Ghose, a seasoned reporter from Columbus Business First, to delve into the riveting story of Olive, a once-thriving tech company that tragically went out of business in late 2023.

    Join us as we trace Olive’s journey from its promising beginnings, exploring the visionary founder, early investors, and the company’s major pivot that set the stage for both success and eventual downfall. Carrie Ghose provides an in-depth look into the challenges Olive faced, including significant layoffs and ensuing legal battles.

    The conversation doesn’t stop there – we explore the valiant efforts made to salvage the company, shedding light on the various strategies employed and the ultimate decisions that led to Olive’s closure. As we dissect the aftermath, discover the parallel narrative of Founder Sean Lane and his new project, launched even as Olive faced its final days.

    But the story doesn’t just end with the company’s closure – we uncover the human side of Olive’s demise, examining who bore the brunt of the fallout and the lessons that can be gleaned from this cautionary tale. This episode is a must-listen for entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone intrigued by the dynamic world of tech startups.

    Tune in as we navigate through the rise, fall, and aftermath of Olive, learning valuable insights and gaining a deeper understanding of the intricate web that surrounds the world of startups. Don’t miss this gripping episode of the 614Startups podcast with Carrie Ghose, offering a unique perspective on a tech company that was once a unicorn and the lessons that can be extracted from its dramatic journey.

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