Thursday, June 13, 2024
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    Wishcycling No More: From Trash to Tarmac with Steve Flaherty, necoTech

    On this episode, Elio interviews Steve Flaherty, CEO of necoTECH. necoTECH helps governments, citizens, and corporations divert their plastic waste from landfills and waterways into beneficial reusable products. Only about 9% of the materials that go into the recycle bin actually get recycled. Steve and the team at necoTECH are changing that by using their collection of technologies to transform recyclables into sustainable infrastructure and more eco-friendly building materials solutions. For example, their Hot Patch on Demand product is a technology that is focused on improving pavement repair solutions for both the USAF and DoD, as well as the private sector’s airports and DOT’s globally. Additionally, necoTech solutions can convert waste plastics into an aggregate to replace the stone in asphalt and concrete, which, can make our infrastructure stronger, lighter, and more durable. Enjoy! 

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