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    Yearly Archives: 2018

    CEO as a Salesperson

    By Rodolfo Bellesi, Founder and Principal at Ikove Capital

    There can be a lot of volatility within a startup and it is crucial that there is a strong CEO in place who can bring the company stability. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, “The Importance of an Inventor’s Role Within a Startup,” you often have to search for someone to take on the role of CEO, and this can be a challenging process. When I’m searching for a CEO to run a company, I’m looking for someone who has the characteristics of a good salesperson.

    7 Tools Successful Startups Can’t Live Without

    By Michelle Murcia, CEO of Book+Street

    Where many startups go wrong is by having a great vision but lacking the tools necessary to make that vision a reality in a streamlined and cost-effective manner. Some early-stage companies have established processes, while other are bootstrapping piling receipts in an office drawer. The ladder is a perfect example of a company working harder than they genuinely have too. Here are the top 7 tools we use to help build Startups and make their lives easier.

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