Startups On The Move: Ghostlab & Appify Join Forces To Become Waker

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Press Release By Nafis Azad

Waker is the culmination of two national leaders, Ghost Lab (Product) and Appify (Software), uniting to deliver a new paradigm of quality, depth, and communication across software and design.

We are continually committed to growing the best team in America for product design, strategy, and development.  Our new brand represents an evolution of our principles and goals as world-class product development partners.  We have invested in resources across Atlanta, Delaware, and Ohio to serve our clients, local and afar, even better than ever. Decades of collective experience reflects our passion and roots in dedicated service.

In addition to expanding their traditional client capabilities, we are actively investing in, incubating, and scaling projects that emphasize global impact.  We are excited to share more details about these endeavors in the coming months. Have an interesting, high-growth venture you are interested in collaborating on?  We would love to learn more!

Finally, thank you.  We want to extend our deepest gratitude towards the clients, friends, partners, and team that have been a part of our journey.  We know that this next phase will redefine not only our own company, but also those we work with.  Thank you for your continued support!

Questions? Thoughts? Interested in joining the Waker team?  Get in touch via team@waker.com!


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