NODIS Smart Glass Moves to Columbus: Bringing Nanotechnology Innovation and High Tech Jobs



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NODIS Smart Glass Moves to Columbus 

Bringing Nanotechnology Innovation and High Tech Jobs

Columbus, Ohio NODIS, a leading smart glass technology company founded in Singapore, recently announced it has relocated its headquarters to Columbus, Ohio, as it ramps up production and sales of its TruTrint smart glass technology to glass manufacturers across North America. 

TruTint uses color coated nanoparticles that act as small light shutters that are oriented when voltage is applied, transforming windows by giving people the ability to change the tint, color, and temperature characteristics of windows instantly.

NODIS does the advanced materials research, development, and manufacture of its TruTint nanoparticle solution and the IOT-based control system that enables window control via smartphones and a building’s management system. 

“As we worked to identify where we would locate our operations, Columbus checked all the boxes,” said Dr. Shokhor. “Columbus provides us with proximity to our customers and manufacturing partners across the region, offers ample collaboration opportunities with world-class research universities like The Ohio State University, and gives us access to a talented team and economic development organizations that understand what it takes to help innovative companies succeed.” 

NODIS is investing heavily in Columbus by building its commercialization, systems engineering, and sales teams here and the company plans to build a manufacturing facility in 2020, creating up to 25 high-tech manufacturing jobs. 

“At NODIS, we are passionate about addressing climate change and all its damaging impacts,” said Dr. Sergey Shokhor, CEO and Founder of NODIS. Buildings are responsible for 40% of a city’s carbon emissions and smart glass is a critical component in reducing CO2 emissions in buildings, and NODIS TruTint smart glass reduces CO2 emissions from buildings by up to 50%.”  

Beyond buildings, TruTint is used in automotive glass to improve comfort. Smart glass is critical to any smart city initiative. Nodis’ smart glass focus aligns well with SMART Columbus and its Smart City focus as the winner of the Smart City Challenge. 

“As Nodis expands manufacturing of its TruTint smart glass film, Columbus is a huge opportunity for Nodis,” said Mike Holt, Managing Partner of Get2Volume and Nodis investor. “With the right investment, Columbus research organization and policymaker collaboration, Nodis will help Columbus, as a leading Smart City, become a global leader in climate change innovation.”  


Founded in Singapore in 2015, NODIS’ TruTint smart glass technology is transforming windows, giving people the ability to change the tint, color, and temperature characteristics of windows instantly. NODIS provides glass companies with the technology to transform their glass into a smart glass with the only color, tint, and infrared switchable smart glass technology.  

For more information, visit www.nodiscorp.com.


Get2Volume, based in Columbus, OH and Singapore, is a venture capital firm that invests in and mentors innovative enterprise technology companies. Get2Volume has helped companies grow and disrupt industries in areas such as advanced materials, IOT, healthcare and enterprise software. 

For more information, visit www.get2volume.com.


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