Friday, May 24, 2024
81.9 F

    A Sidekick For When Life Happens with Lindsey Michaelides, Strongsuit

    On this episode, Elio interviews Lindsey Michaelides, CO-founder, and CEO of Strongsuit. Strongsuit partners with you to anticipate, research, and clear home and personal to-do lists so that you can keep excelling at work without sacrificing your life. What started as a project at McKinsey & Company to stop a leaky pipeline of high-performance female employees sparked the insight that created a company; the demands of work are costing us at home, and it’s not a female problem. It is a dual-career household problem. Lindsey shares her story of why she founded Strongsuit, how life-outsourcing is becoming a viable solution for some, and what’s next for the company.

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