CodeLaunch Q&A at COhatch Dublin

CodeLaunch is a traveling seed accelerator competition that provides professional hackathon dev-teams to startups who need help with their products with the goal of accelerating them toward seed-round funding. The professional dev-teams are donated by local dev-shops and agencies. The best part is CodeLaunch is FREE. CodeLaunch does not take money or equity and never have since inception in 2013. This is because CodeLaunch is really a competition amongst dev teams that will benefit our Ohio tech startup community. Tech startup founders should apply online at www.codelaunch.com before noon June 16. All you need is a pitch deck and UI/UX mockups of your product dev needs!

Want to learn more from the founder? The CodeLaunch leadership team is visiting three COhatch locations between May 9-11 where they will offer a short presentation and take Q&A from interested startups, dev-shops, and other groups who may want to support or get involved.

After the 6 week cohort determines the finalists CodeLaunch culminates with the Startup Expo on Aug 25 at the Davidson Theatre in Columbus, an exciting showcase of the best tech startups and investment-ready deals they found and accelerated in our market. This event is nothing like any startup pitch event you have ever been to. Think “live Shark Tank episode with an interactive audience.” CodeLaunch is where investors, startups, and developers collide! CodeLaunch is guided by the pillars of Conscious Capitalism and produced by Improving.


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