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    Helm Launches Project Sharing Platform to Revolutionize Tech Hiring

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    Helm Launches Project Sharing Platform to Revolutionize Tech Hiring

    New Platform Puts Emphasis on Problem Solving Ability

    2/6/2019 Columbus, Ohio – Helm today has announced the launch of its new project-sharing platform, aiming to improve talent sourcing and make hiring in the tech industry more informed. The launch of the developer-focused platform is Helm’s first public entry onto the market after initial pilot testing with six Columbus companies and organizations. The Helm platform defines commitment to a future of better team building to solve bigger problems.

    “At Helm, we believe in the power of solving problems, and our intent is to put that front and center in the hiring process,” said Kai McKinney, Helm’s Chief Innovation Officer. “We’re proud of the fact that we created this platform alongside the community and the companies we’re building it for.”

    The Helm Platform

    The Helm platform provides users—learners and builders interested in hacking, data science, and software—the ability to share the projects they create to a community of peers in a new, intuitive format. “Our project sharing functionality is like the front end to Github,” said Will Matz, the company’s Chief Technology Officer. Users share their projects to develop a unified portfolio of their work, to get feedback from the growing community of Helm users, and to show hiring tech companies how they think about solving problems.

    Helm emphasized the potential of the growing community of users on the platform. In addition to project sharing, the value of the user base is in community scoring. The platform is designed to make it easy for users to share honest, constructive feedback on other projects, which will help to inform growth and learning progress.

    The Future of Team Building

    Helm has worked with its advisory board, composed of developers, founders, and researchers, as well as several Columbus companies, including Aware, Upstart, and Waker, to understand the problems associated with hiring and team building, and found that, overall, the most reliable indicator for candidate success was in their ability to solve problems.

    The standard process of hiring technical talent is to issue several tests that examine code-writing competency, or to pose software problems designed to identify proficiencies in certain software languages. While tests for competency are valuable, they do little to indicate a candidate’s creative potential, problem-solving process, or collaborative tendencies. “Helm provides what coding evaluations can’t – access to a portfolio of real projects that show users’ authentic ability to solve the problems they’re intuitively drawn to” said Tommy Hillyer, Helm’s CEO.

    Helm was created by a team of builders in college with a vision to fix hiring, build better teams, and empower every company to solve bigger problems. For more information, visit or email