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    NODIS Smart Glass Moves to Columbus, Ohio


    NODIS Smart Glass Moves to Columbus, Ohio

    As Nodis closes its next funding and begins production of its TruTintTM   smart glass film, Nodis has relocated to Columbus, Ohio with proximity to customers and partners.

    Columbus, Ohio, March 2, 2020 NODIS, provider of the technology to transform glass into electrically switchable smart glass and displays, announced today that it has established operations in Columbus, Ohio as it begins production of its TruTintTM  smart glass technology.  TruTint transforms windows, giving people the ability to change the tint, color and temperature characteristics of windows instantly.

    TruTint uses color coated nanoparticles that are oriented when a voltage is applied and act as small light shutters. This allows setting of any level of tint from clear to opaque. With multiple colors, one can switch to any color for the glass (opaque, transparent or any tint color in between).  NODIS works in partnership with leading glass manufacturers by licensing its smart glass technology and jointly developing high quality, unique and manufacturable TruTint smart glass for buildings and automobiles.

    Ohio is critical for Nodis with customers and partners throughout the region.  These include glass manufacturers, chemical manufacturing partners and research collaborations. “We are excited to be in Columbus to continue to grow the Nodis business,” said Dr. Sergey Shokhor, CEO and Founder of Nodis. 

    Smart glass is a critical component in reducing CO2 emissions in buildings.  With buildings responsible for 40% of a city’s carbon emissions, smart glass reduces global warming. “We all know global warming is a major problem.  I used to think this was only about oil, cars and cows,” said Dr. Shokhor. “At Nodis, we’re passionate about solving global warming by addressing its biggest contributor: buildings.  As founders, we came together to focus our nanoparticle display team on making buildings efficient and reducing CO2 emissions with our smart glass.” NODIS’ team has deep experience in nanoparticle-based display and smart window technology. 

    Nodis has its advanced materials research team in Saratov, Russia and production team in Seoul, South Korea.  It is building its commercialization, systems engineering, and sales teams here in Columbus, Ohio. Nodis expects to hire 10 people in Columbus in 2020. 

    Nodis recently closed its next round funding with Singapore and Columbus VC Get2Volume and New York-based investor Intellectual Digital.

    “While we can’t do anything about cows, we do make buildings more efficient with smart glass, saving millions in electricity and reducing Co2 emissions,” said Dr. Shokhor. 

    For more information, please visit www.nodiscorp.com .

    About NODIS

    Nodis’ TruTint smart glass technology is transforming windows, giving people the ability to change the tint, color and temperature characteristics of windows instantly. NODIS provides glass companies with the technology to transform their glass into smart glass with the only color, tint and infrared switchable smart glass technology.  For more information, visit www.nodiscorp.com .

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